Symptom: Airflow continues even after operation has stopped Cause: Extraction of remaining heat from the indoor unit (maximum 30 seconds). We would like your consent to collect this data to help us tailor the marketing you see. -----Beware of scammers posting fake support numbers here. Error due to mismatching capacity of indoor and outdoor unit: E557: DPM remote controller option error: E560: Switch option setting error(rvot applied) E590: Inverter EEPROM Checksum error: E660: Error of inverter Boot Code: P701: Indoor unit floating S/V error(When 1“ detection) P702: Indoor unit EEV close failure(When 1“ detection) P703 Non raffredda, quindi va in blocco e compare il codice EC, dovrebbe trattarsi di una perdita nel sistema del gas refrigerante. to perform the self-diagnosis. Refer to the following tables for the description of each error code. E3 System abnormal RUN-4/8 sec. Marketing and analytics cookies. Wait 2-3 minutes and power the unit back on. REMOTE CONTROLLER DISPLAY. Any problem that is not fixed will likely come back. There has been a power surge in the system. E4 Model configuration wrong RUN-5/8 sec. If have a mini split unit that gives an E4, E5, E6, F1, F2, F3 error code a few things can cause this problems. Panasonic h12 error code How To Clear an E4, E5, E6, F1, F2, F3 Error Codes on a Mini Split . This type of error appears when the system fails to monitor the exchange of data between the units or between their components and the PCBs. E:EE indicates an error has occurred. Hi, I have a aquastar 2400E/NG tankless water heater and it got flooded through the exhaust vent with water and now it's giving me a code of EC … 1) Stop the air conditioner operation. E5 Indoor fan motor fault RUN-6/8 sec. E2 Outdoor pipe (coil) temperature sensor (OPT) RUN-3/8 sec. Descrivi la tua richiesta (non inserire adesso i tuoi dati di contatto): Si tratta di un climatizzatore monosplit Comfee. * Kindly Mark and Vote this reply if it helps, as it will be beneficial to more community members reading here. E6 This happens because: The PCBs in the indoor and outdoor units have gone faulty. SAMSUNG SPLIT-TYPE AIR CONDITIONER SERVICE TROUBLESHOOTING MANUAL IN PDF SAMSUNG SPLIT-TYPE AIR CONDITIONER SERVICE MANUAL – PDF Samsung Split System Air Conditioning Outdoor Unit Diagram . outdoor communication fault RUN & TIMER: Blink EC Room temperature sensor (IRT) RUN-1/8 sec. Attendo risposta Il climatizzatore inizia a funzionare correttamente ma dopo qualche minuto si stacca e sul display compare la scritta EC. 2) Press the set temperature buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds or more to start the self-diagnosis. Reset the Control Panel: Like a computer's memory chip or a DSL modem, an air conditioner control panel gets corrupted by continuous use and has to be reset.For GE models, as well as others, all you have to do is unplug the unit, leave it unplugged for at least 1 minute, and plug it back in. Power off the unit and turn off the breaker or disconnect. The units are not wired properly, or the wiring is damaged. 1. Symptom: Operation is delayed a few minutes after restarting Cause: The delay is a protection to the unit’s compressor. E1 Indoor pipe (coil) temperature sensor (IPT) RUN-2/8 sec.

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