After Ponyo disobeys her father's demands and chooses to live with Sosuke, disastrous events occur. Furthermore, Taeko starts distinguishing her city life with this newfound agricultural life. Cast of A Whisker Away. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Both films are charming enough that the whole family can enjoy them. The Anthem of the Heart's about a female named Jun Naruse whose childlike mentality convinces her parents to divorce. Thus the film focuses on Sosuke's quest to save the world and help Ponyo retain her humanity. Here are ten anime fans of A Whisker Away should enjoy. Featuring the voices of actors Tom Holland and Chris Pratt, Onward introduces two teenage elf brothers who decide to go on a journey to find out if there is still a little magic left "out there." Natsuki Hanae as Kento Hinode (voice) The cast for the English Language. When he's not cooking up articles, Jose spends his time reading manga, watching anime, and playing games with his friends, fans, and family. RELATED: 10 Best Animated Santa Clauses, Ranked. However, it certainly didn't disappoint fans as a heartwarming and dazzlingly adventure. Greek subtitles for A Whisker Away 2020 - Miyo Sasaki is in love with her classmate Kento Hinode and tries repeatedly to get Kento's attention by transforming into a cat, but at some point, the boundary between herself and the cat becomes ambiguous. In a story filled with power struggles and jealousy, a group of youths aspire to become professional superheroes. Johnny Yong Bosch as Kento Hinode (voice) Cherami Leigh as … Arguably, A Whisker Away's cuter than Your Name, but Your Name is known as one of the best romance anime ever via MyAnimeList. To make matters worse, Naruse develops feelings for someone and must perform in a musical. Movie: A Whisker Away (2020) info with movie soundtracks, credited songs, film score albums, reviews, news, and more. A Whisker Away is a delightful tale with various complex themes sprinkled throughout. ... Whisker Wars (2011 - 2012) If one liked A Whisker Away, then Your Name is worth watching. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is about a female student named Makoto Konno who gains the ability to time-travel. Anybody out there watch A Whisker Away? RELATED: 15 Anime To Watch If You Like Your Name. Based on the My Hero Academia anime franchise, critics think that this exhilarating movie" ends the series on a beautifully animated high note.". Despite that, these anime have their fair share of fans. So, here it is: a Dreamer Virgo Artist! Sebelumnya film ini direncanakan rilis di bioskop Jepang pada tanggal 5 Juni 2020, namun kemudian jadwalnya diundur karena pandemi Covid-19 dan dirilis secara digital pada 18 Juni 2020. It's about a female named Miyo Sasaki who transforms into a cat to get closer to her love interest Kento Hinode. Haru later discovers that Lune is a prince for the Cat Kingdom and ends up in a misunderstood situation regarding marrying Lune. 2020 has been a very atypical year for most people and businesses everywhere. She believes Art represents a huge spectrum of life’s expressions and exploring its many forms is a continuing process of learning about the world and us individually. After learning about a cat figurine called The Baron at an antique shop, Shizuka embarks on a journey to develop her dreams and desires. There were many great films with these being the best according to Rotten Tomatoes. A Silent Voice is about a high school student named Shoyo Ishida who endures hate from friends and teachers for bullying a girl named Shouko Nishimiya for her hearing disabilities in elementary school. Your Name tells the story about a teenage boy and girl who awaken one morning to discover that they've switched bodies. Thus, if one enjoyed A Whisker Away's approach toward felines, then The Cat Returns is worth viewing. And this wasn’t any different for the cinema industry which, as we know, has been majorly affected by the pandemic. Although Makoto learns to love her newfound powers, she soon realizes how dangerous she's become. A Whisker Away | Amor de gata 2020 P E L I C U L A completa En Espanol Latino Repelis.HD MP4! Directed by Junichi Sato and Tomotaka Shibayama, from a script by Mari Okada, A Whisker Away is an electrifying panorama of emotion like no other. One Piece: 10 Characters Who Could Have Joined The Straw Hats (But Didn't), 10 Anime To Watch If You Liked A Whisker Away, A Whisker Away: 10 Things You Need To Know About Netflix's Anime Movie, 5 Studio Ghibli Films That Are Underrated Classics (& 5 That Are Surprisingly Bad), 10 Anime To Watch If You Like A Silent Voice, 10 Overpowered Naruto Jutsu That Were Almost Never Used, 10 Anime & Manga Creators Who Disowned Adaptations Of Their Work, My Hero Academia: What Is Magne's Quirk? Junichi Sato and Tomotaka Shibamiya's A Whisker Away is a magical romance Japanese animated film that examines one's struggles with telling the truth. It may not have become a Pixar classic but that is a hard spot to get. Specifically they catch up on Adam Sandler's Uncut Gems, the highest rated movie of the actor on Rotten Tomatoes. The cast for the Japanese language. A Whisker Away. Generally there’s nothing higher than immersing your self within the magic of an not possible world, and that’s precisely what the fantasy style is all It may not have become a Pixar classic but that is a hard spot to get. Just like the SpongeBob TV cartoon, A Shaun The Sheep Movie: Farmageddon has grown into a mega movie hit based on the chronicles of character Shaun, the Sheep. Il y avait beaucoup de grands films, ceux-ci étant les meilleurs selon Rotten Tomatoes. Film animasi ini juga telah mendapatkan skor 80 persen dari Rotten Tomatoes dan 7,1 poin dari IMDb. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Unknown to Chihiro, the amusement park was a facade for the spirit world as mythical things start happening around her like her parents transforming into large pigs. Like A Whisker Away, Only Yesterday focuses on a female protagonist who is pondering life. The success of Trolls: World Tour was such that it broke digital records and charted a new path for Hollywood movies. Released in April of this year, the Trolls: World Tour movie couldn't let fans stop the feeling of having hope to watch a fun, infectious, and better-than-the original animated story. So, the siblings come up with a plan and, then, embark on a high-flying adventure to find the true meaning of family. In this fun, entertaining, and extra-adorable 90-minute piece, fans get to know the story of how Shaun goes on a mission to shepherd LU-LA (an alien with amazing powers) home, after this intergalactic visitor crash-lands near Mossy Bottom Farm. A peculiar girl transforms into a cat to catch her crush's attention. You may later unsubscribe. A brilliant urban fantasy-adventure movie, Onward has been applauded as one of the best animated movies of this year. However, after hearing about Kento's issues, she must decide either to reveal herself as Miyo or continuing to be his cat friend, Tarou. Like A Whisker Away, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time features a female protagonist who utilizes supernatural elements to change her life around. Both characters surround themselves with people who'll help them tackle their problems. Here are ten anime fans of A Whisker Away should enjoy. Also, both films are wonderfully animated. The trailer for A Whisker Away immediately brings you in with the visuals of a cute animated cat, but if you’re like me and only saw it in passing when browsing through Netflix. RELATED: 10 Best Outfits in Studio Ghibli's Films. With an amazing voice cast and a quirky story theme that promises to keep fans hooked, is the movie The Willoughbys. Like A Whisker Away, A Silent Voice delves heavily into themes surrounding romance, bullying, and guilt. Fighting in a world where people have "quirks," the main character Deku has to face Nine (the strongest villain there is). RELATED: Space Jam: A New Legacy And 9 Other Animated Movies To Look Forward To In 2021. Mirai Shida as Miyo Sasuki. The Cat Returns highlights Haru's quest to escape from this kingdom with help from a cat statue named The Baron. If one liked A Whisker Away, then Spirited Away is worth watching. Using the same math we use to calculate our monthly countdowns, "Ratatouille" is actually just a rat’s whisker away from overtaking "Knocked Up." The realistic visuals of this piece are nothing short of stunning and keep dazzling viewers who see it. The picture was released this past Summer and being yet another sequel of this popular franchise, there were some things that were done right and others that could have been improved. Both anime highlight protagonists who want to discover what their life's purposes are. She has always been fascinated with films and stories, especially writing and producing them. Deku finds himself doing real hero work in the hope of saving Nabu Island's innocent habitants. ... Amor de gata (2019) pelicula rotten tomatoes Amor de gata (2019) pelicula 2020 repelis Amor de gata (2019) pelicula 2020 reparto Amor de gata (2019) pelicula 2020 resumen Since she doesn't seem to get him to pay attention to her, she "adopts" a cat form of herself. The movie delivers outstanding all-ages entertainment and based on the critics' feedback and the trailer released, no wonder fans can't wait to see the end result.NEXT: The 10 Most-Anticipated Animated Movies Of 2021 (According To Their IMDb Popularity). Top TV Shows ... By signing up, you agree to receiving newsletters from Rotten Tomatoes. Like A Whisker Away, Seven Days War is a coming-of-age film about one's desire to get close to someone. Miyo Sasaki is in love with her classmate Kento Hinode and tries repeatedly to get Kento's attention by transforming into a cat, but at some point, the boundary between herself and the cat becomes ambiguous. But instead of just calling it after that movie, (I mean this is TWOFOLD podcast) they make the grievous mistake and watch the lowest rated movie of Adam Sandler on Rotten Tomatoes, another Netflix movie called, Ridiculous 6. Trying to find a way to return normal, Mitsuha Miyazumi and Taki Tachibana must work together to figure out a solution to their dilemma. The Japanese superhero action-adventure based on a manga series My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising has distinguishably deserved a spot on this list. Following the 2016 first hit, this movie pits characters Poppy and Branch against Barb (the Queen of Rock Music) whose only mission is to destroy every other form of music. there were some things that were done right and others that could have been improved. Both her creativity and her too “freaky” organizational skills have greatly supported her work as a TV/Digital/Media Content Producer for more than 10 years. Like A Whisker Away, Your Name combines supernatural elements within a romantic plotline. La historia está encabezada por Miyo Sasaki, adolescente que vive en Tokoname, que enfrenta la adolescencia y que está enamorada de su compañero de escuela Kento Hinode. Not all of them well known and a lot of well known ones not included. In the end, it's a moving story about love and loss that viewers can't get enough of.